In-Person Corporate Entertainer for Ace Hardware

Thank you and good night, Ace Hardware! I am fresh off the stage at Mandalay Bay, where I had the pleasure of performing my clean comedy show for the Ace Hardware team. Not only was this my first event with Ace Hardware, but it was also my first corporate entertainment set of the year and the first of three upcoming in-person comedy shows this month… and I could not be more excited!

Though I’m often booked as a professional emcee nowadays, I’m truly an entertainer who emcees — and my roots run deep on the Las Vegas Strip. I have a 60-minute clean comedy show that’s absolutely perfect for corporate entertainment, and my latest event in Las Vegas with Ace Hardware set the best tone possible for my upcoming shows in Orlando and Naples, Florida. 

If you want a sneak-peek at what went down at Mandalay Bay this afternoon, just keep reading. 

Fantastic Laughs with the Ace Hardware Team 

You’d have to be living under a rock to not know the infamous Ace Hardware jingle, “Ace is the place with the helpful hardware folks!” This variation of the company jingle has been around since 1989, and I can remember singing that exact same line as a kid. So, you can imagine my delight when I met the actual Ace Hardware folks and they were just as friendly as the jingle painted them out to be!

Fortunately, the Ace Hardware team seemed to be just as fond of me as I was of them. And really, it’s no surprise that my hardware-friendly show appealed to these folks! After all, I juggle plungers, balance a ladder on my chin, and pose with something you can likely find in Hardware Aisle 13, all during the first 20 minutes of my 60-minute clean comedy set. They probably felt right at home!

All jokes aside, I shared some of the best laughs of the day with the Ace Hardware team once I stepped off stage. The company hosted a Meet and Greet during a happy hour that took place right after the show in the next ballroom, and I loved being able to mingle with such a fantastic group. The Ace Hardware team was awesome to hang with and a joy to entertain!

Jeff Civillico Mingling with Ace Hardware Employees

Great to Be Back with Corporate Entertainment

No matter what I do — whether it’s hosting or speaking — my talents always boil down to two things: clean comedy and entertainment. After headlining on the Las Vegas Strip for more than 10 years, it was unbelievably fun and refreshing to return to the Strip for a comedy show, this time at Mandalay Bay, to entertain more than 800 people.

I was able to run through so many elements of my comedy routine that I learned right here, on the Vegas Strip. Plus, I got to see more than 800 (masked) smiling faces, which was a treat after back-to-back virtual events. Now that I’ve pivoted my business to focus on my role as a professional emcee and keynote speaker, corporate entertainment felt like coming home.

Not to mention, I always put in a ton of prep work as a professional emcee. I am a true partner for events, meaning I’m in communication with clients months in advance to help plan the run-of-show and facilitate engaging social events. While I truly love this part of what I do, I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t nice to just show up and entertain for a change! 

Thankful to Navigate this Time with Awesome Clients

Though the past few weeks have been full of laughter, it’s definitely been a weird time in the events industry. Some groups are more cautious and would prefer virtual or hybrid events — which is totally okay! Other groups, like Ace Hardware, are charging forward with in-person events. To that, I say bring it! I’m always happy to remain respectful of mask policies and am vaxxed and boosted.

Through it all, my main goal is to ensure audiences leave an event on a high note, with a smile. I could not do that without my awesome clients, so thank you all! And a very special thank you to Caroline Wilson of Ace Hardware, who was a fantastic contact. It’s true what they say, Ace Hardware truly does have all of the helpful folks!

Enhance Your Event with Corporate Entertainment 

No matter what I do, I come to entertain. I could not have asked for a better audience than Ace Hardware to break in my first corporate entertainment set of the year and the first of three upcoming in-person comedy shows this month. I had a blast at Mandalay Bay with the Ace Hardware team, and cannot wait to hit the stage again soon!

Do you have an upcoming event that could use a little humor (well, a lot of humor)? I’m your guy!  With more than 18 years of in-person experience and 18 months of virtual experience, I can bring that Las Vegas flair to your event, whether it’s on-site or online. If you’re ready to plan the corporate entertainment for your upcoming event, send me a booking inquiry today.