Choices Magazine Interview by Judi Moreo

Featured Article in Choices MagazineJudi Moreo was one of the first people I met in Las Vegas when I moved here in 2010.   She is a brilliant speaker, author, and coach.  Among her many endeavors, she now publishes a beautiful online magazine called “Choices.”

I was fortunate enough to meet Judi through my involvement in the National Speakers Association.  I have been involved in this professional association for several years now, having served as both Marketing and Membership Chair of the Las Vegas chapter for many years (currently Co-Chair of Marketing).

This is probably the best interview that’s ever been published on me.  And that’s because she didn’t mess with my answers haha.  Seriously– because of our relationship, Judi was able to ask me unique questions that went a little deeper than your typical interview, and she captured my answers fabulously.  Questions like:

When you speak of “Branding Your Passion,” what does that mean?

You seemed to rise to stardom in Las Vegas very quickly.  I know others who have been trying to get where you are for years and haven’t made it.  Why do you think it happened for you?

It looks glamorous… your life… having your own show in a major Las Vegas hotel.  Do you feel like you lead a glamorous life?

What has been your biggest challenge?

What advice would you give to a new entertainer?

Questions like these made me dig deep.  Thanks Judi.  This was a great experience, and I hope your readers enjoy the article!

Read the full article in the online version of Choices Magazine – Summer Issue (page 26).

Choices Magazine Interview 1

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