Introducing… Donna Buttice, See Agency

I am thrilled to announce that Donna Buttice of See Agency is now handling my calendar, and all bookings outside of my 4pm show at The Linq.   I am so happy to have connected with Donna, and formalized this relationship.  Donna can be reached at, or by phone at 630-945-3428.

To my business contacts:  This is a very good thing!  Donna and I have our own relationship outside of any agent, bureau, DMC, production company, or direct client that might be interested in booking me.  This changes nothing regarding my fees, my availability, or my desire to work with you!  All this means is faster response times, and a more streamlined business operation from event inquiry to execution.

To my personal contacts: This is a very good thing!  This means I will be less spazzy and less stressed (maybe!), attempting to manage / build two careers – one in Vegas, and one on the road.  Thank you, Donna!!

About Donna

photoWith over 16 years in the speaking industry, Donna Buttice knows how to make sure your audience talks about your next event for years to come. Donna has handled events of every size, in every state, for just about every industry that there is. She takes pride in developing relationships with her clients and hearing them rave about seeing their event play out seamlessly from start to finish.

Donna worked for one of the oldest speakers’ bureaus in the country before starting her own speaker management company in 2008, where she earned a reputation for building long-lasting relationships with her clients. She and Christa Haberstock became friends after living very parallel lives in the industry and soon realized that their respective strengths were a great compliment for one another. Five years later, they have merged their companies and combined two amazing rosters into the premiere collection of speakers and entertainers in the country.

Donna has three kids, a loving husband, and a bunch of chickens that her loving husband bought because he likes eggs despite the fact that they live very close to a grocery store.

About See Agency – Taken from

See Agency is the definition of talent. One part representation, one part consultation, See Agency removes the barriers to bookings, bridging the gap between talent and buyer.

We work with planners and bureaus on the hunt for trust-worthy, professional talent and speakers. We work with trust-worthy, professional talent and speakers on making the marketing package buyer-friendly by tweaking branding, positioning etc. Lots and lots of etc.

A common, recurring request of us is “I need to know what I don’t know.” See Agency Consulting is for established speakers and entertainment who want to know what they don’t know, and what could be standing between them and the right exposure to the right groups.

See Agency Representation is the natural evolution of the consulting work, where we handle incoming business and nurture buyer relationships.

Do good. Have fun. Make money.