Las Vegas Magic Show – Jan Rouven

Las Vegas Magic show Jan Rouven: “The highest goal man can achieve is astonishment” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
“The Man With Nine Lives” has arrived, complete with his aura of mystery and a world famous ability to rouse an audience into a state of breathless anticipation.

Jan Rouven’s Las Vegas magic show “Illusions” hones the cutting-edge to a razor sharp precision, facing what seems like an imminent death every time he plies his craft.

Every escape, every near miss, every situation he places himself in only serves to embolden him to raise the bar yet again. Las Vegas Magic Show

Germany’s most successful illusionist has performed in front of audiences in excess of 20,000 members, and been seen by roughly 55 million people on television. The Las Vegas Magic show phenomenon has been recognized with some of the international entertainment industry’s most elite accolades.  Jan is a recipient of the “Magician of the Year” award, an honor previously bestowed to legends such as David Copperfield and Siegfried and Roy, and his Las Vegas magic show is the perfect reminder of exactly why.

 Jan plies his craft within a dark and intense environment, using both male and female dancers that become an emotional part of each segment of the show rather than simple organic set pieces. He faces falling swords, deadly knives, bound submersion in water, and other equally as exciting predicaments, all with the help of audience volunteers who are granted the profound responsibility of wielding the weapons and mechanisms that may end up causing his untimely demise. No Las Vegas magic show harnesses the enticing aspects of fear in a more powerful and fascinating way, and it’s Jan’s extraordinary skill that leaves you amazed and smiling as you teeter precariously on the edge of your seat.

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