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Corporate entertainment is one of Jeff’s specialties.  He has performed for hundreds of major companies nationwide – banquets, award shows, general sessions – you name it! Corporate Entertainment

Here is a corporate entertainment testimonial from JHewlett Events.

“As an Entertainer I have traveled the world making a living doing something most only dream of.  I have been so blessed to give a smile to a stranger and spread some joy in this world while having this also be my profession.  In my travels I have enjoyed sharing the stage with the talents of many performers, from the hit-or-miss of a cruise ship showman, to Grammy winning singers, to the show-stopping grandeur of Las Vegas headliners.  

I can honestly say I appreciate all forms of entertainment; the talent and hard work which goes into a well placed comedy line, the mastery of improvisation, and the art of creating an experience the audience will rarely forget.  As my career has morphed from a corporate entertainer into a referral source for repeat clients and now a full-fledged talent agent, I am as picky as ever with whom I refer to clients that trust me.  

I have chosen a select few artists that I can guarantee will not only please any audience but will “KILL” as we say.  I have found this in Jeff Civillico.  Not only is he professional as a businessman, charitable as a philanthropist, but he is one of the best one-man show performers in the world working today.  His charisma, timing, audience involvement, appearance, attitude, flexibility, and integrity add up to make him the premier act to book.  His show crosses all demographics, language barriers, and audience preferences.  He ranks among the Greats in the all encompassing category of “Entertainer” and lives up to every expectation.  

The clients I have referred him to return to me as if I have struck gold.  He makes me look good as an agent.  I consider him to be one of my secret weapons and am grateful to recommend him to any buyer that is wondering, “Why would we want someone that juggles?”  Juggling is an amazing feat that he does incredibly well, but it is a supplement to a greater experience of improvisational comedy, audience participation culture building, even inspiration, that will leave your audience begging for more of the incomparable Jeff Civillico.  

My suggestion: Book him while you can still afford him!” 

Jason Hewlett
JHewlett Events / Jason Hewlett Entertainment

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