JHewlett Events – Corporate Entertainment

“Jeff Civillico is one of the most talented, hard working, professional, charismatic, genuine, charitable, and amazing performers I have ever known. I would consider him one of the best one-man show performers in the world today. Evidenced by his run in Vegas, his work with corporate, his thrilled and well taken care of client base (run masterfully by his awesome staff). If every artist were as wonderful to book life would be much easier for me. Instead I turn to Jeff as my “Ringer”, my “Home Run” act, and he delivers every time. He is clean, his web presence is off the charts, he is the dream performer to work with. I hope you will consider referring and booking Jeff Civillico as well. If you have questions please let me know, he has my highest ratings approval from both my staff, my clients, and me.”

Jason Hewlett, Owner, JHEWLETT EVENTS