Las Vegas Show – Jazz Roots

Las Vegas Show Jazz Roots: Jazz Roots is part of a Larry Rosen Jazz Series and will incorporate both Brazil and Funk themes.

Las Vegas show Jazz Roots combines two very different styles to create a musical masterpiece!

Las Vegas Show

Las Vegas show Jazz Roots is best described as “Brazil meets funk.” The unique combination of two very different musical disciplines will astound audiences. Another added bonus to this Las Vegas show is that it features artists Sergio Mendes and Candy Dulfer. These award-winning musicians will blend their music using the underlying foundation of West African styles.

Las Vegas show star Sergio Mendes is a Grammy winner and is known for his skill of Brazilian Pop. He was one of the first to blend American Jazz and Brazilian themes to create a new genre called Brazil ’66. He now mixes funk and hip-hop sounds into his work.

The other star of Las Vegas show Jazz Roots is Candy Dulfer. Candy is one of a kind in her mastery of alto sax and funk. She has had the opportunity to perform as a soloist for hugely popular musicians such as Prince, Pink Floyd, Van Morrison, and Dave Stewart.

Vegas audiences will go crazy for the rare mix of the Brazilian and funk themes in Las Vegas show Jazz Roots!