Las Vegas Show – Jerry Seinfeld

Las Vegas show Jerry Seinfeld: Jerry Seinfeld has enjoyed a long and prosperous career, managing to become one of a select few comedians widely regarded to have defined their genres.  Discussions on observational humor will likely end up involving Jerry’s endlessly hysterical contributions to the format he revitalized with his stand-up routines, pop-culture influence and the legendary “Seinfeld” television show.Las Vegas Show

The Colosseum at Caesar’s Palace is truly privileged to offer this comedy icon of icons his very own Las Vegas show, allowing him a venue to reembrace the passion for stand-up comedy that has always been the fuel that drove his entire career.

What Jerry has always done well — and some would say perfectly — is capture the life experiences of an audience in such a manner that they all become aware at the very same moment that what they’ve seen and heard is not only a mutually shared occurrence, but just as absurd and ridiculous as they found it to be in the first place.  Seinfeld’s accomplishments are great in number and magnitude but he always remains a true comedian, and his Las Vegas show is all about the absurd and hilarious people and events that impact us on a personal and tangible level.

Jerry’s Las Vegas show provides him the opportunity to deliver brand new material, something his stand up fans have missed while he authored the best-selling children’s book “Halloween,” collaborated with Larry David on “Curb your Enthusiasm” and wrote, produced and starred in DreamWorks animated hit “Bee Movie.”  His talent for inducing laughter is supreme and while there are an abundance of reasons to attend his newest Las Vegas show, the odds are that you already know that.

Check out this Las Vegas show next time you are in town!