“Joggling” the 2009 Disney Marathon

On January 11th 2009, I successfully “joggled” the 26.2 miles of the Disney Marathon. Joggling = jogging + juggling, and it looks as ridiculous as it sounds.

I joggled as a member of TEAM ASK (Athletes for Special Kids).  Special Kids is a non-profit organization in Tennessee that provides skilled nursing for special needs children, as well as speech, physical, and occupational therapy.  My goal was to raise $5000 for these children, and I’m happy to report that because of the wonderful support I received, we did it.  My first performances were in high school for special needs children at the Don Guanella School outside Philadelphia.  It felt great to give back.

I finished with a time of 4:24.. a bit longer than my 3:45 finish the previous year without juggling, but I’ll take it 🙂  I plan on joggling another marathon for charity again down the line – bigger and better – with a finish time of under 4 hours.

This is the “call to action” video I put together while I was training that explained what I was trying to do, and why.