Speaker Testimonial from Judi Moreo

Keynote speaker Judi Moreo was literally the first person I met in Las Vegas! She was kind enough to take me out to breakfast and take me under her wing in the speaking world. I learned so much from her as a keynote speaker! She is an absolutely amazing woman that I’m proud to call a friend.

“Thank you, Jeff, for speaking to our National Speakers Association of Las Vegas’ Academy program students. As always, you were informative, knowledgeable, exciting, and fun! We have been blessed to have you speak to our classes two years in a row. The students commented that not only were you their favorite speaker of the year, you were the one from whom they learned the most. In addition, I personally learn something every time I hear you speak. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

– Judi Moreo, NSA-LV Academy Coordinator, CSP