My Promise for Best of Las Vegas 2015

It’s that time of the year again!  The Best of Las Vegas 2015 Awards voting is upon us!!  I thought I’d try to keep it fun this year, so check out my promise below if I’m fortunate enough to win in any category hehe…

So how do you vote??  3 options! 

1) *The easiest– send a text to 81500 with just the words: VOTE JCIVILLICO.  You will get a confirmation text!

2) Go to, login or signup, then select each category and click “Ready? Submit Your Vote.”

3) Use the mobile app. Download here.

This year I’m up for Best Family Attraction, Bargain Show, Comedy Show, and Overall Show. If you only have time to vote in 1 category, I ask that you pick “Best Family Attraction” as that seems to be my developing niche here in town.

As silly as my promise in the video is, these awards are very important in Las Vegas and to me personally, and I would greatly appreciate your vote.  We’ve come a long way together in Las Vegas since PLANET HOLLYWOOD (Restaurant)… opening May 26th at the then Imperial Palace, through the Imperial Palace to Quad rebrand, building my set The People’s Arch, the move from 2 to 4pm, the Quad to Linq rebrand, etc. etc. The Vegas adventure just keeps on going, and you’ve been with me every step of the way and for that I thank you.

Looking forward to a post-dismount high kick / wedgie pull in those booty shorts…