Corporate Entertainer Spotlight on… Randy Cabral!

Corporate entertainer Randy Cabral has a variety of skills that will amaze your audience.

It is hard to find a corporate entertainer today with this kind of energy and passion. Corporate Entertainer

Randy Cabral is a comedy entertainer that has been wowing audiences around the globe for fifteen years. His unique blend of comedy and juggling has been a hit at some of the world’s largest corporate events, such as AT&T, Sony, GlaxoSmithKlein, and Disney. Randy has performed at the internationally renowned Magic Castle Hotel in Hollywood and is a featured entertainer on the world’s largest cruise lines. His recent appearance on NBC’s “The Tonight Show” was seen by millions of viewers.

Randy first took his act to the stage during his college years in Orlando, Florida, where he began performing at while still in school. After graduating cum laude with a degree in psychology, he went on to polish his skills, learning from teachers from Cirque du Soleil, Second City in Chicago and Ringling Brothers Clown College. Five thousand shows later….what began as a passion to entertain and fill the room with laughter had blossomed into a successful career that has lasted over 15 years and spanned the globe. Randy is most proud of his ability to play Yankee Doodle on seven instruments.


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