Juggling for Empowerment

NevadaWomensExpo-webAt my Comedy in Action show at The LINQ I enjoy making people laugh, doing some awesome stunts, and interacting with the audience. Juggling is one of the many things I do to make a great show. However there may be something you might not know about juggling; it can be personally empowering.

That’s one of the messages I will carry with me as I perform at The Women’s Expo on March 28th & 29th in Reno, Nevada. Of course it won’t all be serious, (it mostly won’t be serious) I’ll still be delivering some of the best clean comedy and stunts you’d see at my 4pm show, and some you might not. 🙂

So how is juggling empowering you ask? Well let me point you to a study on the subject.  In the study titled “Juggling balls and learning” published in the journal Management in Education author Andrew Warren engaged school teachers in a learning to juggle exercise. The purpose was to reconnect teachers with the process of learning and let that translate into their own teaching. Warren concluded that “learning is an emotional challenge as well as an intellectual and motor challenge. It is not about a fixed point in time but about a journey, and when we reduce learning to jumping over hurdles or squeezing through goal posts we do our children a serious disservice.” (Warren, 2013)

It’s the journey that is truly empowering.

If you’re in Reno on March 28th and 29th I hope you can come be a part of the Nevada Women’s Expo.

Warren, A. (2013). Juggling Balls and Learning. Management In Education, 27(2), 48-49.