Keep Energy High with a Professional Event Emcee 

How a Professional Event Emcee Sparks an Energy Shift

Chances are, you’ve heard the phrase, “Happiness is contagious.” You might have rolled your eyes and thought, “Yeah, right!” Well, I’m here to tell you that happiness is indeed contagious — and that’s one pandemic we can actually be grateful for! According to researchers at Harvard University, you have a 25% higher chance of becoming happy if someone close by is happy too.

Now, you might be wondering what any of this has to do with me being a professional event emcee. The truth is, my job as a professional emcee is to make you happy! If I can make just a few people in a crowd smile, there’s a good chance that smile will be a super-spreader. This is just one, micro example of the energy shift a professional emcee can spark… and it doesn’t stop there.

A professional event emcee can walk on stage and instantly shift the energy in the room. Let me tell you, it’s not always easy to do. However, if you have as much skin in the game as I do, you know that the energy shift is not only essential to an event but also key to keeping an audience happy. In today’s post, I’m going to walk you through what an energy shift is and how you can plan for one. 

What is the Energy of an Event?

Okay, so let’s rewind a bit. What is the “energy” of an event? Simply put, energy is the feeling you get when you walk into a ballroom or conference center before a major event. It’s the buzz you feel in the air before a big keynote, or the electricity you feel bouncing off walls after a huge concert. You can’t see it and you can’t touch it, but you can definitely sense it!

The best way to explain energy is like a one-way spark. What I mean by this is that if you kick off an event with feel-good energy, those positive vibes will ripple to each of your audience members for the remainder of the evening. Going back to our happiness example, that energy will be contagious! However, this also means that if you kick off an event with a somber announcement or otherwise negative emotion, it will be hard to shake that feeling for the rest of the event. 

What Role Does the Emcee Play in the Energy Shift?

Now that we’ve covered what the energy of an event is, let’s dive into how a professional emcee conducts an energy shift. Like I’ve said before, I’m no scientist and certainly no electrician — just a Master of Ceremonies. Yet, you’d be pretty shocked how my presence on stage can flip the energy in the room like a light switch! 

When a professional event emcee walks on stage, the mood in the room can turn on a dime. For example, you see this in action during morning conferences, when attendees are slowly sipping coffee and rubbing their eyes before I get on stage. Fortunately, a professional emcee like me is essentially an espresso shot for these early morning events, helping the audience come alive and get primed for action.

How Can You Plan for Productive Energy?

So, if good energy is conducive to a productive event, how do you plan for productive energy? First things first, bring a professional event emcee on board as soon as possible! I know what you’re thinking: Jeff, a professional emcee controls the energy during an event, not before. Well my friend, that’s not true at all! 

A professional event emcee like myself, who has over a decade of experience with worldwide audiences, is more than just an entertainer. Rather, I’m an event consultant, and I encourage all of my clients to maximize my value by leveraging my experience while planning an event. Instead of handing off your run of show (or schedule of the event) a few days before the event date, tag me in to find and plan for productive, high-energy opportunities.

Some of the several ways a professional event emcee can help plan for productive energy include:

1. Set the Tone of the Event Aesthetically

Can you believe I’ve attended some shows where the stage was almost pitch black? How can you expect high-energy when the crowd can’t see a thing?! A professional emcee can help plan for audio and visual elements that make your show pop and create that energy shift as soon as the spotlight hits. 

2. Structure a Energy Conducting Run of Show 

Returning back to the run of show, a professional emcee can help design an appropriate schedule to keep the energy in the room high while still discussing heavier subjects — tactfully. It’s always better to go from fun to serious rather than from serious to slapstick, so let a professional event emcee weigh in before cracking jokes after your emotionally moving keynote speech.

3. Provide Opportunities for Engagement

Remember when we talked about happiness being contagious? Those emotions don’t just spread from your professional emcee, but from your audience members too! Work with your emcee to plan for opportunities for engagement that keep spirits and morale high. This will cause an energy shift between attendees that can last for the entirety of the event.

4. Keep the Event in Motion 

Last but certainly, keep the event in motion to keep energy high. Let’s face it, sitting for five hours at a ballroom table can feel boring after a while, even if the people on stage are awesome. So, it’s key to sync with your professional event emcee to plan for breaks in the schedule that let people move around, network, and recharge their own energy.

Professional event emcee Jeff Civillico hosts for Endo Pharmaceuticals

Let a Professional Event Emcee Ignite the Shift

At the end of the day, it’s not your decorations or swag bags that encourage attendees to have high energy. It’s also not the food you put on the buffet or the constant coffee you have flowing. Instead, it’s a professional emcee who is responsible for sparking an immediate energy shift and keeping those productive vibes high all event long.

Whether you’re a nonprofit organization seeking donations or a corporate company hosting a team-building event, high energy will directly correlate to an effective event that executes on your goals. It’s time to loop in a professional event emcee who can help you light the stage on fire (metaphorically, of course). 

Meeting planners, take a look at my upcoming availability — I would love to help plan your next event. If you see an open spot, or just want to connect as soon as possible, send your booking inquiry today. Together, we can produce an electric event!