Corporate Entertainment Spotlight On… Keynote Speaker Jeff Havens!

Corporate entertainment is hard to come by, sometimes it requires hiring someone who is both a established speaker as well as entertainment.

That is why for corporate entertainment, Jeff Havens is a perfect fit. Corporate Entertainment

A comedian-turned-business consultant, Jeff Havens occupies a niche entirely his own.  His stated goal?  To help students and business professionals learn how to do things well by telling them how to do things very, very badly.  His hilarious, satirical, reverse-psychology presentations are absolutely one-of-a-kind.  For managers, he’ll help you become a better boss by teaching you how to Unleash Your Inner Tyrant!  For employees, he’ll help you Become a More Annoying You!  And for students, he’ll help you get and keep a job by telling you How to Get Fired!  Everything Jeff does is designed to provide all the information of a more traditional message-based presentation with all the entertainment value of a comedy show.  Because improving your business doesn’t have to be boring.


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