Entertainment With A Message

Funny Keynote Speaker Jeff Civillico

Looking for a funny keynote speaker? Look no further! Jeff’s unique combination of “Keynote Speaker” and Entertainer” makes his presentations extremely engaging, interactive, and FUN! By weaving his signature, funny routines from his award-winning “Comedy in Action” Las Vegas show throughout his messaging, Jeff leaves attendees thoroughly entertained and inspired.

Keynote #1

Work That Matters

Jeff enables a renewed sense of passion, purpose, and gratitude in attendees’ work and lives by challenging the audience to view where they are personally and professionally as a new type of starting point. Attendees walk away more engaged with what they do, and why they do it. Jeff is the quintessential funny keynote speaker for companies who look beyond numbers to the importance of caring for “the whole person.”
We had Jeff Civillico close out our conference and he did a great job! The audience was laughing the whole time! I wanted someone that’s going to connect with our audience, and have the message weaved in. I have to say, you get your money’s worth working with Jeff! I’ve not had a speaker that’s done as much pre-prep… making sure that all the staging was right, and having it all work seamlessly. It was really good!
Dennis McGarry
Director of Programming at NTCA: The Rural Broadband Association
Keynote #2

Power of the Pivot

Jeff’s journey from juggling in his kitchen as a child to headlining in Vegas with own TV show is naturally inspiring, and his passion is naturally contagious. His story of fighting through the cutthroat politics of the entertainment industry is eye-opening, funny, and powerful. Jeff shared how through a series of strategic “pivots” along his career path, he has continuously leveraged what he has had to flip hardships into assets. Attendees walk away with actionable insights on how and when to apply pivots of attitude, energy, and mindset to their work and personal lives.
We loved having you at the Iowa State SHRM conference and I don’t think people have laughed so hard in a long time! We all needed that after a challenging 18 or so months. Thank you so much again! I don’t think people will forget that session! I certainly will not.
Liz McCredden
HR Director at Ovation Holdings, SHRM Iowa Conference Director
During your performance, our attendees were not only falling off their seats from laughter, but truly captivated by your talents and message. You did magnificent work incorporating our theme “Payroll Rocks the World.” Your originality, charisma, sincerity, polish and performance is a very difficult act to follow. You made an indelible mark on our 35th congress. I’m as honored as I am grateful. Thank you for being an important part of our success in Orlando. Best of luck in all your endeavors. You are multi-mega-talented. I can’t wait to see where your talents take you. Certainly I hope to work together again.
Dan Maddux
American Payroll Association, Executive Director