Kick Corporate Branding Up a Notch with a Professional Emcee

Elevate Internal Branding with a Professional Emcee

What comes to mind when you think of the phrase ‘corporate branding’? Maybe it’s your company logo and slogan, or perhaps it’s the color palette used within your organization and the fonts used across your company website. But what about internally? Can you think of any corporate branding initiatives that are meant specifically for those within the organization?

If I had to guess, I’d imagine that your organization is spending a pretty penny on external marketing efforts. Unfortunately, it’s easy for corporations to become so wrapped up in how potential clients or business associates see their organization from the outside, that they forget about the people that matter most—the employees holding it down on the inside!

Corporate branding initiatives aren’t just for third-party marketing efforts. Rather, they’re a way to give a business its own unique identity in the marketplace that employees can associate with. It’s time to learn how to boost company morale and enhance company culture with a professional emcee at the helm of your corporate branding. Let’s get started! 

What is Corporate Branding?

Your brand defines who you are, what you do, and why you do it, day in and day out. Branding is a series of processes that actively shape your brand identity based on your who, what, and why. Corporate branding creates a promise to consumers of what they can expect your company to deliver. It’s an identity that’s much broader compared to the products and services you provide.

Technically speaking, corporate branding forms a massive competitive advantage in the marketplace. An organization with polished branding is able to generate a good deal of brand awareness, meaning customers are familiar with your organization based on your marketing efforts alone. Distinguished branding creates an emotional connection that drives brand loyalty. 

So, what does any of that have to do with individual employees? The answer, my friends, is just about everything!

Why is Internal Corporate Branding So Important? 

Corporate branding is spearheaded by management and key staff members who have a thorough understanding of the organization, business philosophies, and both short- and long-term objectives. However, branding is actually executed by those within the organization. It’s employees who are responsible for emulating brand values and brand identity every time they show up to work.

Therefore, it’s not enough to simply hand an employee a company pamphlet on their first day on the job and hope they magically assume your corporate identity. Rather, corporations must help cultivate a strong company culture that employees can relate to and embody within the business. And shared culture and goals all derive from—you guessed it—internal corporate branding!

Corporate Branding Initiatives Lead by a Professional Emcee

You might have heard of a company hiring a ‘brand ambassador’ of sorts, like a celebrity or athlete, to represent the nature of their brand. Well, what if I told you that you could do the same thing internally with a professional emcee? A professional emcee can serve as an internal spokesperson for all corporate branding initiatives to unify employees under a shared mission

Take a look at five different mediums of corporate brand building that can be facilitated by a professional emcee. 

1. Weekly Web Series or Webcast 

A key role of an internal spokesman is to bring recognition to various areas of the business—particularly the unsung heroes of an organization. With a weekly web series or webcast, an organization can essentially spotlight different sales teams, leadership groups, or recent hires to show employees the appreciation they deserve. 

Likewise, weekly web series can be posted to a private YouTube channel accessible only to those in the organization. This channel can simultaneously serve as a knowledge hub for employees, featuring videos that break down company benefits, project management systems, or internal policies. These videos can all be produced and hosted by your professional emcee. 

2. Podcast Interviews

Much like web series and webcasts, podcast interviews also serve as an excellent medium to shout out various members of your organization. However, they’re a fantastic way to bring the guidance of leadership or board members to entry-level employees as well. A professional emcee can spearhead podcasts interviews with company executives to answer other employees’ hottest questions.

Each week, your professional emcee can host a podcast that answers high-level questions or seeks advice from other teammates. Employees can also be invited to a Q&A session, where they can submit queries from other departments for leadership to answer. Not only is this an excellent form of company education, but it also makes those in leadership more accessible to everyone.  

3. Informative and Engaging Webinars

An essential role of an emcee is to facilitate successful webinars. Now, don’t be fooled by the webinars you attended five years ago! The adoption of webinars skyrocketed over the last year, and the traditional definition of a webinar has changed. Webinars are now the perfect way to bring employees up to speed on your company culture, mission, and values.

A professional emcee can help human resources (HR) departments or even marketing teams to construct a meaningful webinar that drives home the message behind your brand. Throughout the webinar, an emcee can keep audience members engaged and locked into content. Even better, as the internal spokesperson, most employees will already be familiar with your emcee to maintain trust.

4. Internal Conferences and Keynotes

Internal conferences are where professional emcees feel the most at home—and your employees should feel the same! Fortunately, a professional emcee is a partner for corporate events that helps planners nail down how employees can get the utmost out of every conference. From what should be included in the program to the layout of the room, your emcee has all event details covered.

Not to mention, professional emcees like myself are also trusted keynote speakers and corporate entertainers. The options are literally limitless for the types of internal events you can plan with a professional emcee on your team. The best part? Every event benefits the core of your company, your employees, and fosters brand building. 

5. Employee Team-Building Events

What does a professional emcee love more than brand building? Team-building, duh! Your professional emcee and internal spokesperson can host employee rallies and team-building events that boost morale and raise individual investment in the company mission. The high-energy and engagement tactics of an emcee can also realign your team members under your shared vision. 

Plus, many professional emcees have additional connections that your company can leverage to further amplify your corporate branding. A prime example? Swag boxes! Personally, I work with a company called PromoShop to create branded juggling balls for workshops. You can brand just about anything with your corporate logo, from apparel and office supplies to water bottles and snack kits. 

Kick Corporate Branding Up a Notch with a Professional Emcee

Well, there you have it, folks! Five incredible ways to leverage a professional emcee to ramp up your internal corporate branding and boost morale for all employees. How much of a difference do you predict in your organization when you bring employees deeper into your brand? Find out today by shooting me a message! I cannot wait to see what we can build together.