Charity Event Entertainment Testimonial- Kids with Cancer Society

Event entertainment is one of Jeff’s specialties.  He has performed for hundreds of major charities nationwide – banquets, award shows, general sessions – you name it! Event Entertainment

Check out this charity event entertainment testimonial from The Kids with Cancer Society.

“To whom it may concern.

The Kids with Cancer is dedicated to meeting the needs of children with cancer and their families. We believe in supporting the whole family and strive to provide opportunities in the hope that families gain encouragement from others and enjoy the simple pleasures of being a family.

I remember reading once that Walt Disney would take his daughters to a local carnival on Saturdays to watch them ride the carousal. One day he returned and told his wife that he was going to create a park that the whole family could enjoy, not just the kids. His wife replied something to the effect, ‘Why would you want to create something like that carnival.’ to which he replied, ‘Mine won’t be.’

Jeff Civillico’s act embodies this spirit, a performance, a slice of time that captivates not just the kids or adults, but the whole family. I remember during his performance watching a little four year old boy. Four-year olds generally have a short attention span, but not so while Jeff was on stage. He was laughing and applauding, and not for a moment did he look away. One of the purposes of the Small and Mighty Celebration is to take people’s minds off of the daily struggle of dealing with cancer, not only the kids, but their siblings and parents, the extended families and friends. Jeff’s act did this. For an all-too-brief moment, people thought about nothing else but watching Jeff.

The Small and Mighty Celebration is so grateful to Jeff. We cannot thank him enough.”

Yours truly,
Val Figliuzzi
Executive Director

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