On the Cover of Las Vegas Magazine!

Las Vegas Magazine is the definitive publication in Las Vegas, present in nearly every hotel room on the Strip regardless of corporate affiliation or geography.  I couldn’t be happier to receive my first cover this week!  Las Vegas Magazine first wrote about my show back in October in an article entitled “Hand It To Him.”  Read that article.

I was happy to welcome Kiko Miyasato to my show this time to celebrate my one-year anniversary at The Linq.  She wrote a wonderful article entitled “Laughs, Oohs and Ahhs.”

Here’s an excerpt:

When you go to a Jeff Civillico: Comedy in Action show it’s pretty much a guarantee that you won’t see the same show twice.  There are the mainstays of course, but the rest is an off-the-cuff performance of comedy and shenanigans.  Civillico is an ace at juggling just about anything: bowling balls, pins, fire, fruit, balls or even knives.  He’s even awfully good at balancing– be it himself on top of a unicycle or a 10-foot ladder on his chin.

But what really sets off this show is Civillico’s comedy.  “For realsies,” as he says.  There’s a lot of audience interaction, and that’s what makes his show a living, breathing creation.  When Civillico pairs with a volunteer, the punchlines blossom.  Whatever type of volunteer comes along, he’ll find a way to find the funny…

Read the full article in LVM.

Las Vegas Magazine Cover

Not sure why I look so sad… I really am very happy about this!!