Las Vegas Magazine Spotlight on Jeff Civillico!

Jeff Civillico: Comedy in ActionJeff’s new show Comedy in Action is garnering attention from a variety of Las Vegas media outlets, Las Vegas Magazine included. Nina King wrote a glowing review of Jeff’s show in the latest edition of Las Vegas Magazine. King’s article, “Hand It to Him,” praises Jeff for his aptitude of juggling and comedy:

“You know, I could be wrong, but I don’t think it is as easy as he makes it look. By ‘it’ I mean juggling, and by ‘he’ I mean Jeff Civillico.”

While Jeff does have an extraordinary grasp on the technical skills of juggling, he is also adept at making people laugh. Comedy is really what his show is all about, and King notes that a volunteer could not keep a straight face onstage while Jeff cracked jokes and humorous expressions.  From the time right before the show begins when Jeff mingles with audience members to the time that fans are getting their souvenir t-shirts signed, people are laughing. Jeff jokes about himself, makes Zoolander faces, and completes his signature wedgie pull…multiple times.

What should also be mentioned is that Jeff’s show is highly interactive, “[he] gets the audience working with him, juggling marshmallows and throwing clubs.” Volunteers walk away from the stage with memories captured on film, which Jeff ensures by posing for pictures with them, and a new skill such as juggling or plate spinning. Audience participation makes each one of Jeff’s shows unique. Jeff improvises jokes as the show elapses, poking fun at both himself and the volunteers. Volunteers sometimes even crack jokes themselves.  These priceless moments are what make Jeff’s show dynamic and persistently funny.

Jeff performs at the The Linq, 2 p.m. Wednesday through Monday. Call 702.755.2190 or visit the The Linq website for tickets.