Reviews Jeff’s Show!

access vegasBy Terri D’Richards,

If you were to cross-breed Jim Carrey with a Ninja Warrior and throw in a unicycle you might come up with Jeff Civillico.  The afternoon show, perfect for an adult respite from the usual Las Vegas Strip activities, as well as pleasing for the 18 and under crowd, features Civillico’s impressive juggling prowess.  Add to that, his unique brand of energetic comedy and things are bound to get a little crazy for a 2:00pm show – good crazy that is.

You know pretty much anything can happen when a guy balances a 12 foot ladder on his chin barely 15 minutes into the act.  In between balancing and juggling improbable objects, Civillico manages to maintain a close rapport with the audience, as well as use an assortment of audience members, plus a few marshmallows (!), to advantage while entertaining the crowd.

A self-proclaimed master of the ridiculous, Jeff Civillico holds a world record for bungee jumping on his unicycle off a cliff in New Zealand, and goes “joggling” for fun. “Joggling” = juggling while jogging.  He raised $5000+ as a team member of “Athletes for Special Kids” by joggling all 26.2 miles of the Disney Marathon.

Spectators may choose to view the show as comedic juggling or just as accurately label it juggling with comedy, such is Civillico’s adept weaving together of both elements.  Working within the one-man show concept requires that said one man maintain a sustained level of energy throughout.  Civillico meets this challenge admirably, never losing his unbridled and quite infectious enthusiasm for the proceedings.  He truly manages some astounding feats of eye-hand coordination while taking audience interaction to a whole new level.

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