Las Vegas Show – The Joffrey Ballet

Las Vegas show The Joffrey Ballet: The Nevada Ballet Theatre presents one of the most notable ballet groups in the country, The Joffrey Ballet.

Come see The Joffrey Ballet as they perform their Las Vegas show at the new Smith Center! Las Vegas Show

The Joffrey Ballet is a historically significant American ballet company. They were the first company to travel to Russia from America for ballet. They were also the first company to appear on television and perform at The White House. Now audiences will have their chance to see The Joffrey Ballet company perform their first Las Vegas show at The Smith Center. Their Las Vegas show will include a unique mix of pieces.  One piece of their Las Vegas show is a Jane Austen inspired dance!

The Joffrey Ballet group will perform their Las Vegas show two nights. The Las Vegas show will feature numbers titles “In the Middle, Somewhat Elevated,” “Age of Innocence,” and “Le Sacre du Printemps” on Tuesday, January 22. The next night will include the following arrangements: “ New Work,” “After the Rain,” and “Le Sacre du Printemps.”

This is your chance to see The Joffrey perform their very first Las Vegas show in The Smith Center, don’t miss out!