Las Vegas Showbiz Party

Las Vegas Showbiz Party

las vegas showbiz partyOn December 8th, in the middle of a 10-day corporate holiday party tour, I will fly back to home for the 2011 Las Vegas Showbiz Party Holiday, and then fly right back out the next morning.

Why would I come home just for a party?  Because I want to support the hard work that Marc Savard, Andy Walmsley, and Catherine Hickland are doing to bring the Las Vegas community of performers together.

There are so many performers here in Vegas, but very few events or organizations that foster relationship-building among us.  The hosts deserve a lot of credit for bringing the  Vegas entertainment community together on a regular basis with these “Showbiz Parties.”  They manage the database, organize the venue, and foot the bill!

Thanks to Marc, Andy, and Catherine for what I’m sure will be another great time!  We appreciate it.

Meet the hosts:

1) Marc Savard – Curious volunteers have the experience of their lives as they find themselves surrendering to the sound of Marc’s voice; doing, seeing and saying the most out-of-control things in the #1 comedy hypnosis show in Las Vegas.

2) Andy Walmsley – No other set designer in history has had designs reproduced internationally so extensively in television shows including : American Idol, So you think you can dance, Americas got talent, Brainiest kids, Winning lines, the Singing bee, and notably Who wants to be a millionaire,. Many of these shows have been recreated in over 100 countries world wide.

3) Catherine Hickland – Catherine is a entertainment industry powerhouse – a renowned singer, stage hypnotist, author, and actress best known for her role as Lindsay Rappaport on ABC’s One Life to Live.

Stay tuned for the next Las Vegas Showbiz Party!