Las Vegas Stars’ New Year’s Resolutions

I’m proud to say that I’ve kept my New Year’s Resolution… so far. 🙂 As published in Las Vegas Magazine‘s article: Jeff Civillico, comedian (The Linq Hotel) “My New Year’s resolution is to not call The Linq Hotel by the wrong name onstage, either intentionally as a joke or accidentally as a mistake! Come on down to the Imperial Quad Linq Palace for my show!”

Here are a few more Las Vegas performer’s resolutions… Carrot Top, comedian (Luxor) “My New Year’s resolution is to cancel the gym membership and start eating pizza and drinking more beer … and maybe start smoking, too.”

David Copperfield, magician (MGM Grand) “I hope to achieve balance in 2015.”

Shawn Stockman, Boyz II Men (The Mirage) “My resolution: To stop eating bread or anything with gluten in it ever again!”

To read more Las Vegas stars’ resolutions check out the Las Vegas Magazine‘s article.

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