Last Minute Openings for a Holiday Show (In-Person or Virtual!)

It’s no secret that the holiday season is a busy time for everybody—especially us corporate entertainers! Between winter formal events and end-of-the-year celebrations, December is typically the busiest month of the year for performers like myself. Last year, that was the case with virtual events… we did dozens! But this year, I can sense that people aren’t as excited about a virtual holiday.

Instead, folks are eager to join in person again! Fortunately, I am totally prepared (and vaxxed!) to head your way if you’re comfortable gathering in person. I’ve done tons of shows this year where everyone is masked—and even though I can’t see your smiles, I can definitely hear your laughs! If you’re uncertain about gathering in-person, but are hesitant about virtual, let me tell you this. 

Your virtual holiday event does not need to be just another Zoom call. As a corporate entertainer with more than 200 virtual events under my belt, I’m available to serve as your company holiday party’s virtual emcee or virtual entertainer. I’m ready to go all-out for your event—we’re talking multiple cameras, massive stunts, and an entire video wall at Show Creators Studios!

There’s still time to book your holiday show, but not much. Take a quick glimpse of in-person and virtual holiday events in action to help decide on how your company will celebrate this year.

In-Person Holiday Events with a Corporate Entertainer

When you book me, Jeff Civillico, as the corporate entertainer for your holiday event, you’re booking an entertainer with some of the most skin in the game. I’ve worked as a professional entertainer for more than 18 years, and have had the honor of hosting and performing for companies like Nestlé, Chevron, and FedEx. In other words, this ain’t my first rodeo, folks!

If you opt for an in-person holiday event, I can take my full Las Vegas show on the road straight to your front door (or the front door of your conference center, same difference). I leverage more than 5,000 shows on the Las Vegas Strip to specifically customize my act for your unique group. I can also work with your event producer to plan the best in-person holiday party you’ve ever had! 

Digital Events with a Virtual Event Emcee 

Over the past 18 months, I’ve served as a virtual emcee and entertainer for more than 200 events. If you feel like you’re sick of virtual events, trust me, I understand where you’re coming from! But let me ask you this: What if your virtual holiday party didn’t need to be a total bore? What if it didn’t involve sitting on Zoom drinking eggnog solo? That’s a different story, right?

Well, when I’m not taking my show on the road, I can broadcast it to your team live from Show Creators Studios in Las Vegas. We can utilize an entire video wall to showcase all of the attendees dialing in from home or highlight your company’s branding. We can even pre-record entertainment bits, like interviews with your company CEO or even a custom mixology segment!

Events Are Totally Customizable, No Matter What 

If you’re feeling conflicted over whether or not your company holiday party should be in-person or virtual this year, I have some good news. No matter which option you chose, the entire event can be totally customized to match your event theme or company branding—yes, even virtually! From the American Heart Association to AT&T, we can personalize content for any industry.

When you work with me as your corporate entertainer or professional emcee, elements like graphics, music, and even outfits can be customized for the holidays. Yes, I have a snowman-print suit and yes, I am not afraid to wear it! I take so much joy in tailoring my content to match my client’s needs… just take a look at recent testimonials from my recent Halloween-themed event!

“Smile Brands hired Jeff to host our virtual team awards party and we’re so glad we did! About 3000 team members attended the Zoom event and Jeff was the perfect emcee. He took time to get to know us and delivered an event perfectly customized to our needs and culture. Jeff and his team offered great suggestions in the planning stage and then executed to perfection. If you’re looking for a super-funny, positive and lively emcee for your next event, Jeff’s your guy!”

 — Jody Martin, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Smile Brands Inc.

“At a time where most of us are “Zoomed out” and thinking little can capture our attention, much less keep it, along comes Jeff Civillico. I didn’t even know it was possible to convey so much energy, humor and excitement through a PC monitor. Without question, one of the best MC entertainers I’ve seen over the last 10 years planning leadership meetings with Smile Brands. 

Jeff comes prepared, knowing enough about your organization to naturally infuse into his delivery. His studio setup allows him to clearly see everyone’s comments in the chat room, affording him the opportunity to constantly banter with our attendees and make the experience engaging, captivating and thoroughly entertaining. When you witness Jeff virtually, you realize he’s a true professional. I can only imagine him in person and will keep his info close to one day find out!”

— Ryan MacAfee, Vice President Real Estate & Strategic Sourcing at Smile Brands Inc.

Which Holiday Event is Right for You? 

Stuck between an in-person or virtual corporate entertainer still? Let’s see if I can help make up your mind! Book me as the corporate entertainer for your in-person holiday event if you’re comfortable gathering as a group, your attendees are in the same geographical area, and you have the budget to meet physically in a shared space.

On the other hand, book me as the corporate entertainer for your virtual holiday event if you’re cautious of current Coronavirus protocols, your attendees are dispersed across the globe, and you have budget constraints. While still offering all the bells and whistles, a virtual entertainer is obviously more affordable than flying out a performer for your event (and COVID-safe). 

So, have you made your decision? Fantastic! Go ahead and send me a booking inquiry so we can get started on your holiday event. Remember, time is running out to secure a corporate entertainer for the holiday season. Don’t delay and send a message my way today!