Las Vegas Show – Late Night Catechism

Las Vegas show Late Night Catechism: Everyone hears stories about schools back in the day. This Las Vegas show takes these stories and illustrates them on-stage, but not without including a great deal of humor.

Spend the night splitting with laughter when seeing this Las Vegas show, Late Night Catechism.  

Las Vegas Show

Las Vegas show Late Night Catechism depicts a schoolroom in which Sister teaches them, using both positive and negative reinforcement. Students who answer Sister with the correct answer are rewarded with prizes like glow-in-the-dark rosaries. Students that provide wrong answers will have to reflect upon their actions by sitting in the corner as punishment. This punishment and rewards system provides just one element of humor to this hilarious Las Vegas show.  Students will aim to enter Sister’s class and the only way to get in is to come see the Las Vegas show.

This Las Vegas show will be held in the Troesh Studio Theater.   Visit for ticket information or call the box office at 702-749-2012.

Purchase tickets to Las Vegas show Late Night Catechism to take a trip down memory lane and be a student for one more night!