"Laughter Without Borders"

Jeff’s latest project is called “Laughter Without Borders” — a philanthropic, travel adventure show! In his own words….

“I’m on a mission to show how laughter connects us all, regardless of what language we speak, what part of the world we call home, and what challenges we might be facing in our daily lives.
Each episode, I bring a different performer with me on this adventure, traveling to bring smiles, cheers and laughs to the farthest corners of the world… showing the power of laughter to bring people together, while spotlighting wonderful organizations doing wonderful work to help those in need. 
Join me for a little travel, a little entertainment, a little social impact… and a whole lot of ADVENTURE. This is… Laughter Without Borders!

May 29 - Jun 2, 2023 Itinerary

May 29th to June 2nd, I traveled throughout Thailand to shine a light on the Good Shepherd Sisters and the tremendous work they do (1) to provide classrooms to help educate refugees and low-income kids, (2) to nurse human trafficking victims back to health through love, compassion, and counseling… and (3) to give a safe and healthy home and provide skills to abused single mothers to help raise their children.
We went to 5 cities in 5 days! Bangkok, Pattaya, Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai and Phuket to visit the Good Shepherd Sisters’ centers, and perform at their women’s and children’s shelters. Our first stop was in Bangkok with Sister Louise Horgan where the Good Shepherd Sisters began their work in this country back in 1965. 
Accompanying me was Rob Ferre. I knew Rob was the perfect performer to join me on this very first “Laughter Without Borders” adventure  because he’s crazy talented, he’s a big kid at heart, and he’s up for anything!

The Pictures Tell the Story

We are currently editing all of the footage together from this awesome adventure! In the meantime, here are a few of my favorite photos from the experience…

IMG_9557 copy

"Together We Can Change the World"

Last summer Jeff spent 16 days traveling across Southeast Asia with “Together We Can Change the World” (TWCCTW), splitting his time between special corporate events and unforgettable local villages.

“Together We Can Change the World,” more commonly referred to as TWCCTW, is a one-of-a-kind organization with the mission to empower and educate women and children in Southeast Asia. TWCCTW raises money to support non-governmental groups, like orphanages and schools, across Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Laos, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam.

The organization aims to establish sustainability within Southeast Asia, generate awareness for disadvantaged children and women, and of course, raise money for its multiple charitable causes. They strive to make the world a better place for those most vulnerable, particularly those suffering the effects of war, unrest, human trafficking, and extreme poverty. 

TWCCTW was formed in 2008 by Scott Friedman, CSP and past president of the National Speakers Association (NSA), alongside Jana Stanfield, CSP and a group of dedicated professionals who share the mission of empowering and educating less fortunate children and women. Together, Scott and Jana arrange TWCCTW tours throughout Southeast Asia to benefit the organization.

Twice a year, the pair coordinate a group of 10 to 15 keynote speakers who each raise $1,500, as well as donate their time and talent, to present to and visit various TWCCTW causes in the region. All speakers pay for their own airfare and accommodations, deliver keynotes to raise additional funds, and participate in charitable events.

Read more about the experience, and this incredible organization, here.

If you are so moved to donate to TWCCTW, you can do so below…


Good Shepherd Sisters Thailand

“Together We Can Change the World” has been proudly involved for close to a decade working with and watching the Sisters work tirelessly for humankind.
The Good Shepherd Sisters of Thailand do so much good:
  • Nurse trafficking victims back to health through love, compassion, and counseling.
  • Give a safe and healthy home, and providing skills to abused single mothers to help raise their children.
  • Provide classrooms to help educate refugees and low-income kids


Their work is truly inspiring. 

If you are so moved to donate to GSST, you can do so below…

IMG_9010 2
Jeff and Sister Louise Horgan

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