Las Vegas Show – Legends in Concert at Harrah’s

Las Vegas show Legends in Concert: For over a quarter of a century, the top-elite of tribute artists have found their preferred venue in the “Legends in Concert” show at The Theater.Las Vegas Show

The ultimate homage to the world’s most iconic entertainment personalities, the Las Vegas show features an ever-changing cast of instantly recognizable superstars.

Dolly Parton, Madonna, The Temptations, The Blues Brothers or Barry White may make an appearance, and even the King himself has been known to gyrate his way onstage for a few numbers.

Marcel Forestieri’s Jay Leno serves as host and comic relief for the Las Vegas show, displaying shades of his genuine counterpart as he livens up the crowd with hysterical commentary on current events.  As the evening progresses, entertainers long-gone or out of reach return to the stage in a brilliant sequence of tributes that tap into the best memories and performances produced by the brightest and best talents that ever were.  Lip-synching is forbidden and the impersonators must rely on an abundance of natural talent to recreate every aspect of their star’s identity from the vocals, the dance moves and the clothes right down to the subtle quirks and habits that sell the act to perfection.

For a Las Vegas show whose heart contains the words “thank you,” the gratitude is delivered in an emotional and powerful package that leaves its mark on the people who understand its core message.  This Las Vegas show delivers the whole package, celebrating the great ones, their impact on us, and the budding superstars inside of us all.

Check out this Las Vegas show next time you are in town!