1 Month Until “Life Choices Event” at The Trop!

Life Choices Event at The Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas

Life Choices Event

Imagine Your Potential…
Imagine the Possibilities…
Imagine the Power to Change Your Life!

Imagine what would happen if 26 of the most inspirational authors and speakers on the planet got together and decided to stage an exclusive event in Las Vegas.

Imagine if, because you knew one of the authors, speakers, or organizers, you were selected to receive this email offering you a ticket for less than half the basic price of a ticket.

Imagine how it could change your life!

But, you’d have questions, right?

  1. No doubt the first would be WHY ME?  Here’s the answer.  Although all of the speakers and authors at the Life Choices Event are extremely successful in their own right (we’ll get to individual profiles later) this is the inaugural joint event.  This event is the seed of what is set to become the LEADING self-help motivational event in the world.  We need support, feedback, and a core of trusted people who we know will benefit the most from this experience and make this flourish.That’s why you’ve been especially invited.  For the month of February only, each of us has been asked to choose a select handful of our friends and family who we believe will gain the most and to whom we can offer something truly invaluable.
  2. Exactly what do I get at the Life Choices Event?  Good question!  LOTS is the big answer!!!  This program is an investment in your future. Everything we’ve been able to think of to help you have a very successful life has gone into the mix…Here’s a quick glance.
  3. By listening to and being entertained by the various authors and speakers at the Life Choices Event, you will:
    • Explore your possibilities
    • Learn how to express your uniqueness
    • Figure out what you are most passionate about
    • Discover what you would do if you had the courage to go after your dreams
    • Learn to speak to yourself in a more positive manner
    • Acquire the belief that you “can”
    • Identify your goals
    • Learn to use your time efficiently and effectively
    • Become a problem solver
    • Let go of old hurts, beliefs, and experiences
    • Discover how to balance your mental, physical, and spiritual life
    • Establish your personal brand
    • Associate for success
    • And much, much more.

    The speakers at the Life Choices Event will help you recognize the power of choices and the role choices play in the achievement of your full potential…regardless of your life circumstances.

    These speakers are leading authorities who will help you find the most effective way of being all you can be. They are successful people who have the experience that will help you create the level of success you desire.

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  4. Face to face meetings and networking with people as exciting and powerful as you are at the Life Choices Event.  Did you ever wish you could have the chance to meet some of the incredible people you hear about…whose books you read?  Would you like to ask them face-to-face what it really took to succeed; whether or not they were plagued by fears; or had to overcome seemingly impossible odds?  Do you want to know how they did it?Here’s your chance.  Incredible speakers from around the world will be here…speakers like Olympian, Anne Abernathy; award winning author and businesswoman, Judi Moreo; South Africa’s outstanding athlete, Tim Goodenough; one of England’s top motivational speakers, Nicky Pattinson; TV and Radio personality, Courtney Anderson; Las Vegas headliners, Jeff Civillico and Jennifer Joseph; Relationship expert, Dr. Casey McNeal and so on.  Look at the lineup of phenomenal people. Each and every one is someone exciting and you have the opportunity to hang out together and share what you have to offer, too!  Don’t forget, you’ve been chosen to be one of this core group of guests because of your outstanding qualities!
  5. Food!  Yep!  While you chat to the authors and speakers…you get to eat, too.  A Friday welcome reception, Saturday lunch, and a Sunday brunch are included.  What’s more, all tables are hosted by the participants, so that you’re really able to make the most of your networking opportunities at mealtimes. It’s time to upgrade your knowledge and skills to get the results you want.
  6. A goodie bag… and guess what’s in it!  Amongst other things, for the first 100 people to register, there are 4 Life Choices books (including the latest one) which are full of the incredible motivational stories which you will hear in real life over the 3 days.  The books alone are $100.00 value!
  7. More than anything, the weekend is full of HOPE, MOTIVATION, and TECHNIQUES WHICH REALLY WORK.  You will leave with the TOOLS TO CHANGE, and INSPIRATION to take your life to the next level, and last but not least, A NETWORK OF NEW FRIENDS AND SUPPORT to make it happen.Register Now (Use code PYPJC for your VIP discount)
  8. So where and when does the Life Choices Event take place?  From 4 pm on Friday, March 23rd – Sunday, March 25th at the Tropicana Resort & Casino on the famous Las Vegas strip.
  9. What’s the venue like?  It’s sumptuous! The legendary Tropicana Resort and Casino is located on one of the hottest four corners of the world-famous Las Vegas Strip.  Connected by a covered walkway to the MGM Grand, right across the street and surrounded by New York, New York and Excalibur Casinos on the other three corners.  This Strip location offers guests spectacular views of the Las Vegas lights and the lush, tropical ambiance of the resort’s stunning five-acre garden oasis.  The Tropicana Resort features over 1,800 spacious, comfortably appointed rooms and luxurious suites for your relaxation and pleasure. Before booking this venue, not only was it checked thoroughly in person, but we did the TripAdvisor checks and were astounded at the feedback. Every area of the hotel, rooms, common areas and suites have been remodeled.  It is absolutely stunning and a luxurious white pervades throughout. This is reason alone to make your trip a complete holiday break, if you are so inclined.
  10. Right!  Now tell me about the speakers!  The Life Choices Eventwill feature 26 dynamic speakers who will help you recognize the power of choices and the role they play in you achieving the full potential within you…regardless of your life circumstances.  These speakers are authorities on finding the most effective ways of being all we can be.
    • Judi Moreo
    • Sue Bracksieck
    • Jeff Civillico
    • Ann Abernathy
    • Delores Ramsey McLaughlin
    • Bea Goodwin – Aikens
    • Dr. Casey McNeal
    • Tim Goodenough
    • Jack Rolfe
    • Cheryl Smith
    • Stuart Haskin
    • Aimmee Kodachian
    • Mack Jackson
    • Nicky Pattinson
    • AND MORE!
    • Emcees
    • Laura Peters
    • Eric Culverson
  11. Wow!  All of these people for such a low price.  Tell me why again?  Because this is a first!  The world is a place where so many people don’t make the Life Choices which take them to the places they dream to go.  They feel stuck, unfulfilled, frustrated, and discouraged.  Knowing what we know now, we as a group want to give back, to begin a wave of change that will carry forward for years ahead.  And if we’ve learned anything for sure on our journeys, it’s that success happens from a place of giving.Just ask yourself this question…What is the best way to get love?  Yes, to give it!  And who do we love the most.  Yes, those who love us.It’s no different with this event.  We all know that by giving more than its value, we can ensure this event and those in the future will be incredible successes!
  12. Register Now (Use code PYPJC for your VIP discount)
  13. What is the schedule of the Life Choices Event exactly?
4:00 pm – 6:00 pm Registration Partagas Foyer
6:00 pm – 7:00 pm Welcome Reception Partagas 3
7:00 pm – 10 pm Opening /Welcome/Keynote Speeches Partagas 1 & 2
8:00 am – 9:00 am Opening/Keynote Partagas 1 & 2
9:00 am – 6:00 pm Seminar Sessions Partagas 1 & 2
12 noon Lunch provided Biscayne
2:00 pm-5:00 pm Seminar Sessions Partagas 1 & 2
6:30 pm – 7:00 pm Dine Around Selected Restaurants
7:00 am – 8:00 am Breakfast provided Biscayne
8:00 am  – 9:00 am Non-denominational service Partagas 1 & 2
9:00 am – 6:00 pm Seminar sessions Partagas 1 & 2
11:00 am – 12:00 pm Keynote/Closing Partagas 1 & 2
12:00 pm – 1:00 pm Lunch Break On Your Own
1:00 pm – 4:00 pm Life Choices: It’s Never Too LateCome hear the authors of our newest book for an exciting afternoon as they share their stories with you. Partagas 1 & 2

Register Now (Use code 4LCJM for your VIP discount)

  1.  Wow!  So without wanting to be rude, what IS the value?  You may or may not be familiar with motivational events, but most showcase 2, 3, or 4 people. Such events are often priced at many thousands of dollars.   What’s more, speakers very often aren’t accessible.  It’s unlikely you will find yourself sitting at a table eating lunch with one of them once they’ve left the stage and if you do, you will probably have to pay a very high price for that privilege.  We have 26 speakers, and these speakers will be available throughout the meal times to talk with you while you enjoy lunch together.How does one place a value on hearing not just a handful, but 26 speakers, authors, and motivators from all over the world?  And not just hearing them, but actually meeting with them on a one-to-one basis? In our rapidly changing world, it is more important than ever to avail ourselves of all the information and ideas used by other successful people to get to the top of our game and more importantly, stay there.We’re keeping this an exclusive event, too.  There are limited tickets overall so that you have quality time with the speakers …. So there’s real interaction!These types of events are usually priced up in the thousands of dollars.  BUT THIS EVENT IS BEING OFFERED TO YOU AT A FRACTION OF THAT AMOUNT, AT FAR LESS THAN THE COST TO THE ORGANIZERS, because it is our inaugural event where a whole new program is being unveiled for the first time.We considered setting the lowest type of fee ever offered for such an event, $950.00 for example. We considered how we could plough any excess into extra advertising, magazine, radio, tv, etc.  But in these tough times, it seemed beyond the budgets of many we hoped to attract.  We are hoping to attract those who want to be motivated to succeed, as well, as those who are already flying high.So we went back to the drawing board.  What is the greatest, most convincing form of advertising known to man?  Yes, that’s right.  Word of mouth!Rather than pumping advertising dollars externally, we decided to subsidize the event, and give our guests the discount, let you speak for us since this event is the seed from which all the others will grow.And that’s how we came up with the nominal fee!
  2.  So what is the total amount for the full 3 day package with all the subsidies and discounts?  For this first event, the price at the door is $750.00, but because you are a friend of one of our authors or speakers, we want to encourage you to support us and be at our trusted core, until the end of February, we are offering the full 3 day event to our VIP list, including meals, networking, and the bag of books ($100.00 value) for just $350.00.  Your time won’t be wasted.  It’s not often you can access such a large quantity of quality information that will either get you started or help you further along your journey. This program is an investment in your future.What’s more…  We’re offering an incredible GUARANTEE.  If, by lunchtime on Saturday, you aren’t satisfied that this is the incredible event we’ve promised you, we will refund the full amount of your payment, with no fuss whatsoever.  This is our commitment to the event, to its success, and to you!Register Now (Use code PYPJC for your VIP discount)
  3. What if I want to bring somebody else?  Thank you.  This event isn’t about making profit from you.  It is a stepping stone towards the future for all of us.  If you’d like to bring another person, the price for the second person is $275.00.   If you are able to muster up a group of 5, the price will fall to just $225.00 each!
  4. What if I desperately want to come, and will have the money by March, but can’t quite put it all together now?  No problem.  A payment plan is on offer whereby you are able to lock in the early bird VIP price with $100.00 deposit and pay the remainder of the registration fee in two additional payments.Make a partial down payment or group registration by clicking here.
  5. I heard there is a contest for writers to have their stories considered to be in one of the future Life Choices books.  Where do I find out about that?  Participants in Life Choices: The Event will receive priority consideration for inclusion in future Life Choices books.  Submission guidelines can be found at www.lifechoicesevent.com under the Opportunities tab.
  6. How about accommodation?  Las Vegas offers a huge range of reasonable priced hotels to suit all budgets.  Moreover, the Tropicana Resort and Casino, where the event is being held, is offering a special discounted rate of $145.00 per night single or double, to those who are attending the event March 23 -25th as well as waiving the hotel resort fee of $14.95.You can book your reservation by calling the Tropicana toll free line directly at 1-800-634-4000 and identifying yourself with Life Choices: The Event group (Special code PYPJC).  Reserve your room by February 27, 2012 to get this special price.



Register Now (Use code PYPJC for your VIP discount)