Linda Fogg Phillips: Corporate Speaker, Facebook Guru, Mother of 8!

Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Linda Fogg Phillips.  Linda is a corporate speaker and trainer, the author of Facebook For Parents, and a mother of 8!  Linda’s story is rooted in her passion for building relationships with her children.  She had been avoiding Facebook for years– “I just don’t have time.”  But after learning that her daughter had a boyfriend only by her brother telling her (he saw it on facebook), she realized that if she didn’t take the time to learn her daughter’s world, she was being a negligent parent.

Linda’s goal is to strengthen families.  She teaches that the tools may evolve, but the way children relate and interact with each other has changed, and will continue to do so.  If parents do not invest the time to learn about social media, they will get left behind, and their relationships will suffer.  Get more information on Linda and her interactive Facebook For Parents workshops for parents, teens, and families!


This interview is part of the “Branding Your Passion TV” series that complements Jeff’s keynote.  Jeff interviews interesting people doing interesting things to illustrate living examples of the seven principles he espouses for entrepreneurs.  Bring the “Branding Your Passion” Keynote to your school or organization today!