Long Live the Virtual Emcee with Smile Brands 

Long live the virtual emcee indeed! After a knock-out virtual event with Smile Brands and my friends over at Show Creators Studios, I’m reminded of how fun digital conferences can truly be. With all my recent in-person events, I felt an update on virtual events — and how to engage your audience through a computer screen — was well overdue.  

Here’s what you missed from the latest Smile Brands event with this time-tested virtual emcee! 

Return to Virtual with Smile Brands 

When virtual events were at their peak, I knew I could rely on Smile Brands for an infectiously happy show. After all, with a mission of delivering smiles for everyone, I was confident that one of the largest dental support service providers in the United States could host a virtual event that would make every attendee grin! 

Folks, I was definitely right. After hosting an awesome virtual event for Smile Brands last year, the team brought me on again this year for another virtual show. I returned to Show Creators Studios, my go-to virtual event production company, to ensure I could provide the Smile Brands team with the best virtual entertainment possible. 

“Jeff brought an energy, enthusiasm, and authentic joy to our event that is unmatched. Jeff clearly loves his craft and pours himself into it. Don’t miss the opportunity to level up!”

~ Steve Bilt, CEO at Smile Brands & Smiles for Everyone Foundation

“Smile Brands hired Jeff to host our virtual team awards party and we’re so glad we did! About 3000 team members attended the Zoom event and Jeff was the perfect emcee. He took time to get to know us and delivered an event perfectly customized to our needs and culture. Jeff and his team offered great suggestions in the planning stage and then executed to perfection. If you’re looking for a super-funny, positive and lively emcee for your next event, Jeff’s your guy!”

~ Jody Martin, Chief Marketing Officer at Smile Brands Inc

“At a time where most of us are ‘zoomed out’ and thinking little can capture our attention, much less keep it, along comes Jeff Civillico. I didn’t even know it was possible to convey so much energy, humor and excitement through a PC monitor. Without question, one of the best MC entertainers I’ve seen over the last 10 years planning leadership meetings with Smile Brands. Jeff comes prepared, knowing enough about your organization to naturally infuse into his delivery. His studio setup allows him to clearly see everyone’s comments in the chat room, affording him the opportunity to constantly banter with our attendees and make the experience engaging, captivating and thoroughly entertaining. When you witness Jeff virtually, you realize he’s a true professional. I can only imagine him in person and will keep his info close to one day find out!”

~Ryan MacAfee, Vice President, Real Estate & Strategic Sourcing at Smile Brands Inc.

To the Sky with the G-Force Theme

For their virtual event this year, Smile Brands chose the theme of Top Gun G-Force, but the ‘G’ was short for ‘Gratitude’! Throughout the show, attendees discussed the power of gratitude and shared what they were grateful for. As for me, I was grateful to be back with Ian Herrington and Amanda Deacon from Show Creators Studios!

Ian and Amanda have been the absolute dream team while navigating virtual events. During the Smile Brands virtual Halloween costume contest, Amanda dressed as the jelly to compliment my peanut butter costume — with Ian behind the camera rig dressed as a beer! The whole studio got into the fun, even having one member dress as a minion to come tussle me up on set. Between the costume changes and constant laughter, it was a total blast!

Of course, I cannot forget the true G-Force moment from the event… which is when one lens of my Top Gun-style sunglasses was completely ejected into space from a rogue confetti cannon! We definitely had to improvise to keep the show rolling without bursting into fits of giggles… but that’s what this virtual entertainer is known for!

Virtual Events are Back in Action…

Virtual this and virtual that. Are virtual events — and this virtual emcee — really making a comeback? Well, in the wise words of the iconic LL Cool J, “Don’t call it a comeback, I’ve been here for years!” Virtual events are still happening, although few and far between, and remain a fantastic alternative to in-person gatherings. 

The best part? The master crew at Show Creators Studio has a full, turnkey solution that’s ready to go when you are. This team doesn’t just run the sound and lights, they’re ready to become involved in the entire production process (even if it means dressing up as a jar of jelly and shooting confetti cannons!) for the ultimate virtual event. 

… and Virtual Entertainment is Better Than Ever

Speaking of the ultimate virtual event, I cannot round out this post without giving a shout-out to my good friend and wildly talented virtual entertainer, John Di Domenico! Johnny does a ton of corporate work as an event host, where he spits out the most spot-on character impressions, from Austin Powers to Guy Fieri and Dr. Phil. 

When I heard that the Smile Brands event theme would be Top Gun, I headed straight to Johnny and paid his normal Cameo fee for him to write, shoot, and edit a virtual entertainment spot I could air during the event. He came back with ‘Scott Cruise,’ Tom Cruise’s “beefier brother from another mother” who absolutely crushed it with a rendition of “Smile Zone” — his take on the Top Gun classic “Danger Zone.” Johnny, Scott was a total hit! 

Have a Virtual Event in Mind? Ask This Virtual Emcee!

So, is virtual still as hot as it was in 2020? No, not by a long shot. However, many organizations still opt for virtual events as a means to connect dispersed teams of remote workers and even to spread a thin events budget a bit more effectively. No matter why you select virtual, I still think it’s a phenomenal medium for events!

With Show Creators Studios always a call away, I’m confident I can deliver a kick-butt show on a moment’s notice. Myself and the Show Creators team have utilized all the knowledge we’ve gleaned from 2020 and 2021 events to operate as a well-oiled machine. If you’re thinking of hosting a virtual event, I know just how to execute it. Send me a booking inquiry today and specify ‘virtual’ when selecting the event type. Talk soon!