Lorelie Schaeffer | Win-Win Entertainment

Win-Win Entertainment is pumped to announce that dancer Lorelie Schaeffer has joined our team!

Check out Lorelie’s Win-Win Entertainment profile, from win-winentertainment.org:

Win-Win Entertainment

Lorelie Schaeffer was born on the island of the Philippines on November 30, 1977, inside Subic Bay Military Base. Since the age of 3, Lorelie was raised in a mulit-cultural dance oriented atmosphere through out her childhood. At age 5, she found out that getting involved with her favorite Hawaiian cultural dance ” Hula”,  became her passion with the dance techniques. As a military child, Lorelie experience traveling from states to he islands and was exposed to other dance styles, such as reggae, pop, hip hop, and club dance music. All through elementary, middle, and high school she participated in all dance entertainment, whether it was for a school project o just for fun, just to get a chance to be under a spot.

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