Mac King

Las Vegas magic show Mac King Comedy: Recipient of the “World of Magic Comedy Magician of the Year Award” and expert purveyor of hysterical magic tricks, Mac King is an entertainer with an incredibly long tenure on the Strip.  His self-titled Las Vegas magic show has been earning him heaps of praise for 12 years, largely due to his material delivery methods.  Mac is friendly, accessible, and infectiously charming in his own special way, dressing like a used-car salesman and sporting a bowl-like haircut.

Mac King Comedy Show

His Las Vegas magic show focuses on small crowds, up close and personal tricks, and a unique brand of comedy magic that turns a deceptively humble and unassuming stage environment into a venue for truly amazing feats of dexterity.  Mac pays special attention to the most diminutive of his fans, cherishing the children that remind him of who he was when his grandfathers guided him toward his future career.Mac King fish bowl

With his offbeat humor, abundant audience interaction, and the kind of comedy magic that nearly deserves its own patent, Mac King continues to make his Las Vegas magic show the ideal destination for a combination of amusement and entertainment that’s truly out of the ordinary.

His appeal is due in no small part to a personality that draws comparisons to Andy Griffith’s “Matlock,” putting forth an amusing air of innocence and incompetence while waiting for the perfect moment to unleash the genius of his latest trick.

Even if it seems like he’s about to botch things up – and it almost always does – he can fall back on his “Cloak of Invisibility” (i.e. yellow poncho) to save the routine with some questionably stealthy misdirection.  Catch the humble brilliance of this Las Vegas magic show superstar as he justifies the accolades heaped upon him by entertainment’s preeminent critics.

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