Las Vegas Magic Show – Magic & Mayhem

Las Vegas Magic Show Magic & Mayhem: “Magic & Mayhem” is the kind of Las Vegas Magic show that knows how to take the strongest elements from the best shows on the Strip and mash them up into a superior product that discards the weakest material and plays up its cumulative strengths to great effect.Las Vegas magic show

Young and talented conjurer and illusionist Michael Turco combines his exciting, high-energy performances with the masterfully choreographed dance routines of “Dancing With the Stars'” Lacey Schwimmer to produce an adrenaline filled Las Vegas Magic show packed with more than one kind of stunning visuals.

Michael performs in the Saxe Theatre at Planet Hollywood, the perfect venue for his mixture of up-close and box illusions.  For his most elaborate trickery, he utilizes a moving soundtrack, special lighting and completely unabashed movements from a gorgeous team of dancers.

For the more personal sleight of hand, Michael moves right through the crowd, sometimes mere inches away from audience members as he performs card tricks and translocation with the unseen fluid grace of the best students of the mystic arts.  His Las Vegas Magic show involves plenty of audience participation, as he seeks out assistance with a thrilling prediction segment and an attempt to manifest a duck named Lloyd out of the proverbial thin air.  “Magic & Mayhem” lives up to its name, transcending the boundaries of a standard magic show by supplementing it with vigorous emotion, tantalizing women and that personal touch every great Las Vegas Magic show is known for.

Check out this Las Vegas magic show next time you are in town!