Corporate Entertainer Spotlight on… Magician Robert Strong!

Corporate Entertainer Robert Strong knows how to adjust to all corporate situations.

Robert Strong is a master corporate entertainer because of his openness to the world.

Robert Strong has been crisscrossing the world since 1985, entertaining audiences large and small,
young and old, formal and casual, and everything in between! Twice voted “San Francisco’s Best
Comedian”, he has appeared on every major television network, in all 50 states, in over 30 countries, Corporate Entertainer
and for two Presidents of the United States.

Although Robert specializes as a corporate entertainer, he regularly appears at a broad range of events: trade shows, conventions, product launches, cruise ships, colleges, comedy clubs, private parties, political events, and much more.

No two Robert Strong shows are ever the same! He believes in creating a unique experience for each audience that is both interactive and magical. Robert’s enthusiasm and charisma leave audiences buzzing with excitement and memories that will last a lifetime!

It all started when young Robert Strong visited Baltimore. A magician in the Amphitheater mesmerized
him. At that moment Robert vowed to be the best magician ever. His parents considered therapy, but
magic lessons were cheaper.

Robert continued training at Tannen’s Magic School in New York and Towson University in Maryland.
He then studied with touring stand-up comedians, Cirque du Soleil choreographers, Ringling Brothers
circus clowns, Broadway directors, and world-class jugglers.

Because Robert has worked all over the world, he has mastered performing for multi-lingual audiences.
His shows are very visual. Wherever Robert goes, he still carries that sense of wonder and passion
for magic that he first experienced as a youngster in Baltimore, but now he is the one doing the

Robert Strong will impress as your next corporate entertainer.