Las Vegas Show – Marc Savard Comedy Hypnosis

Las Vegas show Comedy Hypnosis: Co-founder of The International Institute of Hypnosis and professional hypnotherapist Marc Savard has distinguished himself as enemy number one of control freaks everywhere. After all, what other Las Vegas show allows you to witness the priceless effects of “unconscious audience participation?” And where else can you watch someone you know hit on a blow up doll?Las Vegas Show

Marc Savard’s Las Vegas show “Comedy Hypnosis” blends unpredictable hilarity, fascinating detours in human behavior and the ultimate in audience participation into a single package that will leave everyone hoping in earnest that they’ll get to see someone familiar under the influence of his mesmerizing abilities.

Several dozen willing participants will undergo profound transformations, as Marc begins each night with intriguing examples of mass-hypnosis. By the time he’s narrowed down the field of volunteers to eight, he exerts a deeper influence and his increasingly funny scenarios become complete reality to the Las Vegas show volunteers engaged within them.

The wildly varied stories you’ll hear from audiences in Marc’s Las Vegas show make it perfectly clear that no one really knows what’s going to happen next. Marc himself was actually arrested by a police officer under hypnosis after he witnessed an illegal and thoroughly imaginary substance being passed around onstage. The true stars of his Las Vegas show are the people who gather at the V theater to watch it, and though Marc facilitates the experience with a powerful talent, he never forgets this fact, leaving the punchlines to the unpredictable but always entertaining groups ready to explore the mysteries of the mind.

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