March 2011 Performances

I am currently enjoying the busiest first quarter I’ve ever had!  I’m most excited this month to serve as the corporate emcee for a 4-day conference in Orlando.  I’ll be performing my corporate Comedy in Action show on the opening night of the conference, and hosting morning sessions and luncheons for the next 3 days.  These are my favorite types of gigs.. I’m grateful to be booking so many of these larger corporate events these days.

Disney Peeps– If you’re coming on The Dream, give me a heads-up on my facebook page!

Vegas Peeps– I’m continuing to perform a 20-minute solo spot in Nathan Burton’s show at The Flamingo (4PM, main showroom).  Come on out.. it’s a good time!

In addition to gigging this month, I will also be helping to run The Las Vegas Club of Georgetown’s Hoya Madness national event at the South Point Casino, March 17-20.  What a month!!  Thanks everybody 🙂

3/1-3 Disney Cruise Line (Dream)
3/5 Virginia Wesleyan College
3/6-12 Disney Cruise Line (Dream)
3/13-18 Nathan Burton Show @ The Flamingo, Las Vegas
3/19 Corporate Show (San Diego)
3/21-23 Disney Cruise Line (Dream)
3/24-25 Nathan Burton Show @ The Flamingo, Las Vegas
3/27-30 Corporate Show (Orlando)