The Flamingo’s Margaritaville Review

The Flamingo in its own right offers guests a wide variety of different gaming themes and types, but it also has a section completely devoted to Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville.  Here you will find tropical themed slots and table games along with the restaurant itself.

Even if there is a short wait to be seated don’t fret! All of the waiting areasThe Flamingo are within eyeshot of the area where either live music is being played or where the classic Margaritaville Blender Girl performance is taking place at The Flamingo’s restaurant.

Once the host takes you to where you will be enjoying your meal one immediately notices how each table has a map of a different tropical area on it: mine was Louisiana. The menu consists of a wide variety of tropical American fare following with the general trend of The Flamingo itself. While I did not personally order the Nachos, I saw many passing by my table waiting for my food. They looked delicious, but be advised that it may take a small army to finish them! One of my favorite parts about this restaurant was their outside seating on the second floor that looked down directly on to the Bellagio’s fountain across the street.

My spinach artichoke dip and sirloin steak arrived hot and cooked perfectly. The drink offerings were almost as vast as the food menu. They ranged from your traditional margartia to wild party starters such as “Why don’t we get drunk & …” Who knows where your night might take you in The Flamingo after a few drinks with some friends at Margaritaville.

Margaritaville at The Flamingo is a festive restraunt with quality food. A great place to take a break from the tables and slots or to grab a meal before a show!