Presenting to the NSA Las Vegas “Speaker Academy”

NSA Las Vegas has a wonderful program called the “Speaker Academy.”  The Academy is a multi-month adult education program designed to accelerate skills development for those who want to be successful professional speakers.  I highly recommend the Academy for anyone who is serious about learning the business of professional speaking.

I had the honor of presenting to the NSA Las Vegas “Speaker Academy” program on how to build and execute a marketing plan for the speaking business.

I was able to share my personal story and some different marketing and promoting tricks I’ve picked up along the way.  I had a fantastic group, very passionate and very diverse – speakers on health and wellness, women’s empowerment, comedy magic entertainment, etc.  Attendees included Kathryn Hamilton, Al Jensen, Sophia Falke, Jasmine Freeman, and Dawn Elyzabeth.  I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and I believe I got as much out of it as the attendees!

If anyone is interested in my handout from the presentation, please email my office and I’d be happy to send it to you.

“Jeff was a huge success.  Many of our candidates said he was the best session of the year and all of them walked away with a clear understanding of how to develop a high-powered marketing plan for their own speaking business.”  

Paul H. Burton, NSA Las Vegas Speakers Academy Coordinator

“Thank you, Jeff, for the fantastic marketing program you did for the NSA Academy.  It was informative and inspirational, as well as just downright fun. Even though your program was designed for the newbies, I got some great ideas from you as well on how to improve my marketing.  Guess it proves you can teach little old ladies new tricks!  I always marvel at your wealth of knowledge and your ability to keep up with all you do.  Again, thank you.  What an asset you are to our organization.”

Judi Moreo, Past President of NSA Las Vegas

I encourage any professional speaker in Southern Nevada to check NSA Las Vegas.  We meet the third Saturday morning of every month and the first meeting is FREE!