Las Vegas Show – Marriage Can Be Murder

Las Vegas show Marriage Can Be Murder:  Audience participation becomes audience immersion in the only Las Vegas show that intentionally conceals the identities of most of the performers and places the center stage in the same exact place as the dinner table.

“Marriage Can Be Murder” co-creator Jane Post refers to this truly unique Las Vegas show as “a fourth-dimensional, interactive comedy murder-mystery dinner theater.”

Las Vegas ShowOnce you’ve properly digested this assuredly entertaining mix of genres, all that’s left to do is to get involved with a culinary experience that may leave you dining right next to a merciless killer.  Jane plays the part of a sometimes ditsy and sometimes acutely aware hostess as she guides and instructs guests during each of four unexplained murders.

Her husband Eric, the other Las Vegas show creator, flaunts his inner detective as a determined police officer wearing a disturbingly snug and petite pair of khaki shorts.  The amusing antics of the couple serve to enhance the genuinely interesting methods used to help catch the offender.  Guests can talk to each other, asking questions and writing down their suspicions as they gather enough clues to come to a solid conclusion.  As a rotating cast of actors fill changing roles each evening, even you may end up being the one accused.  For a Las Vegas show bound only by the limits of your creativity and the degree to which you’d like to participate, “Marriage Can Be Murder” sets the standard for interactive entertainment on the Strip.

Check out this Las Vegas show next time you are in town!