Las Vegas Show – Matt Goss at Caesars’ Palace

Las Vegas show Matt Goss: To his fans, he’s known as “The Voice.”  A moniker like that begs for a payoff and Matt Goss writes a huge check in the form of a Las Vegas show full of soft and smooth vocals reminiscent of vintage Vegas talent.  The inevitable comparison to Ol’ Blue Eyes himself is richly deserved and Matt’s performance draws parallels to both the style and the substance of his iconic predecessor. Las Vegas Show

Goss moves his lips to a satisfying blend of classy covers and original efforts, surrounded by gorgeous dancers and a casino-style performance room that radiates with a timeless ambiance, perfectly complimenting the gentle, soothing tones he’s become famous for.  His nod to Sinatra includes worthy renditions of “Luck Be a Lady” and “I’ve Got the World on a String,” and he flavors the classics with his own personal brand of funk and soul.

With only 175 seats, and a long history in a magical city, The Gossy Room is the perfect backdrop for “The Voice” to ply his trade as the Las Vegas show headliner whose serene vocals soothe audiences and turn back time.

While attending his Las Vegas show, male viewers can’t help but notice the smartly-dressed, piercingly blue-eyed vocalist’s effect on the ladies.  In the interest of fairness, producer Robin Anton seeks to balance out the equation with the “Dirty Virgins,” a head-turning, eye-popping collection of testosterone magnets who accompany Matt’s songs with dangerous dance routines.  Join a future legend in a venue with the ambience of a private performance and the capacity to capture the Vegas spirit through the medium of song.

Check out this Las Vegas show next time you are in town!