Matt Sedivy – Making Moves

This blog post is a very special shout-out to my Director of Operations, Matt Sedivy, who is doing some really great things with his music here in the Las Vegas music scene. In addition to being such an essential piece of my business/brand, Matt has always been incredibly passionate about his music career.

Before coming out to Vegas to work with me, Matt studied Classical Guitar Performance at James Madison University, where he studied the art of music, training himself as a professional level classical musician.  Between making connections in the industry and creating new tunes, he is making all the right moves in the right direction to taking off as a music sensation.

Recently, Matt connected with director and photographer, Sam Sulam, to compose a track for his newest video piece, spotlighting model Alexandria Yamazaki of L.A. Models. Matt composed the title track, “Happy 4th.” The video’s visuals and Matt’s sound were be the perfect match for such a unique and intriguing work. Matt used all of his expertise to create an exhilarating auditory story to the piece. All of the incredible vocals were performed by, created by, and mixed by Matt WITH Matt’s stellar voice. Amazing! Take a peek at the final product below:

Along with having various side projects, Matt’s first professionally recorded album will be complete within the next few months.  I totally look forward to jamming to your awesome alternatives tunes soon, my dude!

Also, be sure to give my man a follow on Instagram and check out his website. I know he is going big places!