Las Vegas Show – Mike Hammer Comedy Magic

Las Vegas show Mike Hammer: Las Vegas shows present ideal opportunities to see the world’s masters of entertainment ply their individual crafts in the form of concerts, comedy, magic, performance art and more, but rarely does one leave a single show feeling like they’ve been to three or four all at once.

The simple explanation behind the concept of Mike Hammer’s Las Vegas show is that it’s a comedy magic routine. However, to give him his much deserved credit, he incorporates a great number of talents developed from a prosperous career in entertainment, enhancing the core concept with the personal touches that put him in such high demand.Las Vegas show

Mike has been a game show host, master of ceremonies, professional announcer and wielder of an infectious and imaginative personality that guarantees that every audience will witness a wide range of fascinating tricks while succumbing to the constant need for laughter.

Mike’s Las Vegas show is filled with mind reading, razor blade swallowing, pranks, gags and a special focus on audience participation. With each volunteer, he brings his hilarious charm and improvisational skills to bear. Comedy magic routines have always been a great way to showcase a talented magician with a funny streak, but add Mike’s infamous personality into the mix and the result is a room practically flooded with tears of laughter. Find out why people are saying that Mike’s Las Vegas show is the place to be when you think you’ve seen everything the genre has to offer. Good luck keeping a straight face.

Check out this Las Vegas show the next time you are in town!

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