My Las Vegas Show Update! Showcasing at The Linq

Las Vegas show update!  Friends……..Las Vegas Show

I have an opportunity to showcase my full Las Vegas show for Caesars Entertainment next week.

If they like what they see, I will be given the main room in the afternoons at The Linq full-time!  An entertainer’s career can often be boiled down to a couple of key “make it or break it” moments.  This is, without a doubt, my shot to take things to the next level.

*Special note to my peeps in Vegas: The show is Thursday, May 10th at 7PM at the The Linq in the main show room upstairs where Human Nature and Frank Marino perform.   It will be 60 minutes and it’s absolutely free.  Bring your kids, families, friends, etc.  I’m a clean act and the show is family-friendly.  If you are able to attend, please let me know.  It would mean the world to me if you could come support me.

The room holds 700+ and is very challenging to fill.  I have to supply my own audience.  Please, please, please pass this on to your friends, other families, schools, co-workers, etc. and help me fill this room!!

Thank you so much for your support.  I’ll keep you posted on what happens with my Las Vegas show!