Las Vegas Show – Nathan Burton: Comedy Magic at The Flamingo

Las Vegas show Nathan Burton: Comedy Magic: Since the 1940s, the storied Flamingo Q Theater has developed a rich entertainment legacy, actually growing its roots when Benjamin “Bugsy” Segal “loaned” land owner Billy Wilkerson the money to develop his property into the ultimate Las Vegas show destination. Opening night saw, among other sights, Jimmy Durante singing, playing piano, cracking jokes and subsequently demolishing a $1200 piano. Things just got better from there. Las Vegas Show

Current occupant Nathan Burton, master of illusions, crafter of non-threatening demeanors, and purveyor of humorous anecdotes, values the lessons learned in childhood, and is just now realizing how much fun he could have had with his newest invention: the ultimate hand-crafted toilet paper sprayer. He’s that cool.

Nathan Burton’s Las Vegas show “Comedy Magic” is the family-friendly solution for fans of magic, comedy and all manner of illusions, and it’s presented by the world’s most amicable trickster.

Who could be nervous around the guy who’s been known to pull Donnie Osmond right out of his promotional poster?

Nathan Burton draws on his childhood experiences to inspire a Las Vegas show full of illusions both simple and elaborate, using an eager audience to help him perform tricks on the eyes and the mind. Once you’ve seen a grown man shoved quite completely into a toilet bowl before he disappears entirely, you can rest easy knowing that your bucket-list is one step closer to completion. You’ll see a flesh and blood Barbie doll levitating with the help of a giant blow dryer, a picture of a bowling ball manifesting into a real one, and Nathan Burton himself being barbequed on a grill. Las Vegas shows don’t always close out with their host roasting on top of a Grillmaster 2000 but why else did you come to the Strip?

Check out this Las Vegas show next time you are in town!