Las Vegas Magic Show – Penn & Teller at The Rio

Las Vegas Magic show Penn & Teller: When the “Bad Boys of Magic” aren’t busy writing best-selling books, traveling the talk-show circuit and starring in a Showtime series nominated for an Emmy Award, they manage to show off 30 years of startling proficiency in their very own Las Vegas Magic show.Las Vegas Magic Show

Las Vegas Magic Show with Penn & Teller

Legendary duo Penn & Teller’s long history of fusing edgy, unapologetic comedy with elements of masterful magic has won them a rabid fan base and worldwide acclaim as deviant purveyors of the mystical arts. The appropriately named Penn and Teller Theater bears witness to a Las Vegas Magic show that bends the rules, breaks them and then stomps on them a few times for good measure. The ever mischievous duo celebrate confidence as an art form, showing audiences how a trick is done and then preparing for it as they observe. What’s truly amazing is that when they pull it off, you probably still won’t see it happen.

Violating every tradition of illusion and trickery is only the beginning of a Las Vegas Magic show that transitions from amusing parlor tricks to some of the most exciting, innovative and often macabre displays of wonder to be seen anywhere on the Strip.

Penn plays the part of the tall, outspoken comedian and narrator, while Teller remains curiously quiet, choosing to express himself in his craft, and doing so quite effectively. Disappearing objects, material transformations, ingested needles and the caustic comedians’ infamous magic bullet trick top off a Las Vegas Magic show with a true lack of peers.

Check out this Las Vegas magic show next time you are in town!