Las Vegas Show – Phantom – The Las Vegas Spectacular

Las Vegas show Phantom – The Las Vegas Spectacular: “Erik is not truly dead. He lives on within the souls of those who choose to listen to the music of the night.” Gaston Lerux, The Phantom of the Opera Las Vegas Show

Take “The Phantom of the Opera,” sprinkle it with some Las Vegas show magic and place it inside of a $40 million custom-build theater made specifically for the timeless Broadway musical, and you’ve got “Phantom – The Las Vegas Spectacular.”

Las Vegas show creator Andrew Lloyd Webber and a select group from his original creative team spearheaded the development of “Phantom,” carefully polishing the experience to take full advantage of abundant resources, while retaining his well-known songs and every one of its best moments.

His Las Vegas show exhibits the fiery spirit of the original and supplements it with breathtaking set pieces, and an 1,800-seat theater that’s truly majestic in its own right.  11 months of intensive labor and the expert attentions of master architect David Rockwell produced the phenomenal structure and gave Erik the chance to speak his heart to yet another captive audience.  Fireworks, a technically masterful lighting system and ingenious placement of surround sound equipment throughout the theater showcase a plethora of special effects, meticulously crafted to compliment the original classic without reducing its physical and emotional impact.  Dozens of Broadway-caliber performers and dozens more crew members act in technically masterful unison to provide a moving and visceral Las Vegas show that proves that Vegas can do it with style and substance.

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