Las Vegas Show – Pilobolus Dance Theatre

Las Vegas show Pilobolus Dance Theatre: This nationally acclaimed dance group specializes in modern dance. Their performances are engaging with innovative dance routines and humor.

The Pilobolus dance team takes dance to a new level in their Las Vegas show.  Las Vegas Show

The Pilobolus dance team has performed across the country and the world. In fact, they have had the opportunity to dance in 64 different countries and now they will be performing their Las Vegas show at The Smith Center. The team showcases their athleticism and talent with their modern dance routines. While the troupe is comprised of individual dancers, they move in such synchronization that they appear as if they are a single entity. Their streamlined and organic compositions will not disappoint audiences in their Las Vegas show.


You do not have to be a dance enthusiast to enjoy Las Vegas show Pilobolus Dance Theater! Those who have no prior experience or interest in dance will enjoy the popular dance group. The New York Post has called Pilobolus “the most popular modern dance company in the country.” Don’t miss your chance to see them in their Las Vegas show.

Modern, funny, and full of talent….what more could you ask for in a Las Vegas show?