Podcasting with Chris Ruggiero

chris+ruggiero+podcastAfter years of begging and pleading, Chris Ruggiero finally let me be on his Podcast.  You’ll definitely want to check it out!

I sat down with Chris for just over 30 minutes and here are the top five things you’ll learn about me:

  1. I’m celebrating my 3 year anniversary in the very same theater on the strip at the recently re-minted and marvelously beautiful The LINQ Hotel and Casio. In fact the theater is being upgraded as I type this!
  2. 95% of my day is spent doing very boring business things.
  3. WinWin Entertainment started off with just a dozen shows in 2013, but by just the first quarter of 2015 we’ve done over 70 shows and projecting to do 5+ every single week this year!  That’s 250+ events in 2015!!
  4. I would totally live in Australia or New Zealand, and I actually did for a year and worked as a street performer at the Sydney Opera House, which totally makes me sound homeless but it was an amazing time.
  5. And finally … The key to success is passion. Focus on finding your “kernel” – what you stand for at your core and success will find you.

We cover a wide range of topics, everything from “Best [whatever] in Vegas” billboards to corporate entertainment and emcee gigs to my Showbiz Academy workshop for high school kids. Definitely check it out, it’s a lot of fun and Chris has me pontificating on all sorts of things. If you’re on iTunes you can download the podcast directly from there too.

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