Las Vegas Show – Popovich’s Comedy Pet Theater at Planet Hollywood Casino

Las Vegas show Gregory Popovich’s Comedy Pet Theater: Some animals were born to please and some wouldn’t fetch if you offered them a pound of catnip and their own Las Vegas show (yes, you Snowball). Whether you like the loyalty and obedience of your dog or the aloof independence of your cat, you might be surprised to find out that within each one of them is a budding superstar ready to prove that their litter training was only scratching the surface of their full potential.  Las Vegas Show

A fifth-generation circus performer full of compassion and genuine talent, Gregory Popovich has managed to turn abandoned animals across the country into all-star performers, much to the delight of children and families lucky enough to catch his Las Vegas show.

An exciting and heartwarming take on the circus life, the show mixes juggling and gymnastics with the amazing acrobatic skills of the country’s most underestimated furry friends.

Add their acting skills into the mix and “Gregory Popovich’s Comedy Pet Theater” becomes a can’t miss Las Vegas show that proves how incredible the bonds between humans and animals can truly be. Popovich has appeared all over the world, cultivating his skills as a performer and an animal trainer in Japan, Europe and America, before sharing the talents of his specially trained animal companions in his Las Vegas show. Join him, his daughter, their team and a collection of diminutive scene stealers as they join forces to showcase 60 minutes of non-stop entertainment from the planet’s most talented creatures.

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